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Our Top Rowing Machine Picks

Incredible Rowing Machines for Home Workouts

Rowing machines provide a fantastic way to boost fitness by building muscle and burning calories in a low-impact and safe way. Years have passed since the indoor rowing machines started to be appreciated as sleek and highly-refined parts of exercise equipment. Possessing a rower in your house can serve a powerful push necessary to activate your muscles moving in a rather challenging, though comfortable way.

Once you’re looking for a rowing machine used as a home fitness piece, bear in mind a wide range of features and styles that you will have to consider before making the choice. Traditionally, top-notch quality comes together with high price, though there are reliable, comfortable rowers at competitive prices too. We’ll do everything possible to break down the most significant things you need to know hunting for the rower. Besides, below you will find the list of top rowing machines picks to assist you in selecting the best rower for your needs.

Top Rowers by Price

There are definitely many models in the category of rowing machines to choose from. They vary in price ranging from under $100 up to over $1,500. Surely, you will get a chance to choose among various type of rowers in that price range, but within that diversity there’s something even for the most exacting customers.

To be more specific, below you can find our best pictures of top rowing machines. You can also click to see more detailed reviews of rowing machines.

#1. Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowers

Concept 2 Model D/The Concept2 Model D. You can see this type of super-popular air rowing machine that is called Concept 2 Model D at the vast majority of gyms. It is also one of the most affordable indoor rowers. Ergonomically unequaled and expertly constructed, this rowing machine type looks impressive and rows smoothly with no jarring catch. Being an air rower, the air baffles used in the Concept 2 create resistance. The fan creates incredibly high pressure, that you have to pull, thus, achieving a desirable workout effect.

Concept 2/ PM5 Monitor. The Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower is equipped with a unique PM5 monitor that provides all the indispensable data. It displays your workout performance in various ways. You can select to see your workout either in total time and distance or in “splits”. Opting for splits you can track how your pace differs along two set points. Both ways are useful, but splits allow you to see more of “real-time” data, calculating your success during the workout.

Another great feature of the Concept 2 Model D’s PM5 monitor is its ability to calculate a drag factor. It means you get a real measure of your effort, irrespective of any other changes like damper resistance fixing or high wind that comes through the workout area.

There is another advantage that serves an influential reason for CrossFit enthusiasts to select the Concept 2 Model D – it is a real work horse. Click the button to find the full review.

#2. WaterRower Natural Rower with S4 Monitor

This item of water-resistance, handcrafted, finely tuned workout equipment is also a top offer from the range of rowing machine spectrum. Using a water flywheel helping to mimic the sense of rowing in true-to-life water, the actual wood WaterRower Rowing Machine will provide a smooth, though still challenging workout. Once rowing is among the best exercises for your body, due to its low-impart natural motion, then opt for the WaterRower as an inclusive machine for this workout type.
The water flywheel consists of two paddles that are encased in an attached tank of water. These paddles go through the water producing the required resistance, while you pull the cable. One of the greatest advantages of this piece is the usage of density/mass of water. As paddles produce the drag, the hardness of the pull influences the resistance you receive. Just imagine your hands moving through water: the quicker you go, the bigger dense water you feel. On the other hand, if you slow down, the resistance also decreases. Besides, this resistance type is incredible for the joints.

#3. Stamina Air Rowing Machine

Another example of an impressive rower is the Stamina ATS Air Rowing Machine offering both ton of use and, at the same time, reasonable price. The peculiar feature of this rower is the wind resistance that creates an extremely smooth workout. And it is only the beginning.

The Stamina Air Rowing Machine is highly portable and can be easily stored in a closet due to the attached roller wheels and an ability of the piece to fold. The Air Rower consists of a monitor, which depicts speed, time elapsed, calorie count and stroke count.

An impressive Stamina ATS Air Rowing Machine is available at a highly moderate price and is simple to assemble. An aluminum frame, solid construction and sturdy steel fixing takes only 15 minutes. Click the button to find the full review.

This widely-spread and demanded rower uses magnetic resistance for a smooth and quiet workout. A programmable computer containing 12 programs is an excellent feature of the Velocity Exercise CHR-2001 that made it popular and required. Such a peculiarity keeps your workouts challenging and varied for many years. The computer also shows information about distance, calories burned, time, pulse rate, stroke count and strokes per minute. In addition, tension resistance is automatically controlled through the computer.

A great feature is an attached heart-rate monitor that allows you to track your pulse during cardio workouts. The striking feature of Velocity Exercise is premium comfort. A magnetic drum resistance and polyurethane molded seat, which is long-lasting and reliable, will not require much maintenance and does not create noise. This complex advantage makes it possible to row and watch TV or listen to music. Besides, it means you will not disturb other people at home by your workout. Simple to assemble and easy to store, the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rowing Machine CHR-2001 serves as a great solution being a moderate price rowing equipment.

Rower Features to Consider

Resistance Type

Diverse rowers may have identical designs, though the differentiating feature is their form of resistance provided. This is the point that influences the effectiveness of your workout. The main types of resistance are:

air resistance
magnetic resistance
water resistance
hydraulic/ piston resistance

Every resistance type has its advantages and exclusive rowing feel, so take this factor into consideration.

Adjustability and Comfort

The best rowing machines have good foot pads, some adjustability and a comfortable seat.

Level of Noise Produced

Indoor rowers surely differ in the noise level created. However, not everyone looks for a silent machine, because some people value the rushing noise like a feedback of their hard work.

Workout Place

LifeCORE Fitness R88 Rowing Machine computer. Rather a good amount of workout floor space will be needed to place your rower safely and comfortably in your house. The length of rowing machines differs, and usually they are narrow, but almost all include long footprints.

Rower Price Range

Like all the other exercising equipment, row machines vary in price greatly. You will find that the price can differ from the budget level including high end pieces. More expensive models are more useful and durable, while cheaper ones can require replacement or maintenance sooner.

Max User Weight

As a rule, rowers can handle bigger weight than any other workout machine. They have fewer moving items that are not damaged by heavy athletes.

Storage Peculiarities of Rowing Machines

An ability to store your rower easily serves a decisive benefit of any machine. Make sure you realize how well the machine can be stored, whether it folds up easily to be put in the closet.

Row Monitor/ Computer

The vast majority of good rowers are equipped with a handy computer, which shows data, such as time, distance and calories burned. In addition, check the opportunity to connect your rower to apps to upload the information and track your success.

Assembly Ease

Probably, you will have to assemble your rower only once, though you want that experience to be not a total nightmare. Show your due diligence and ensure you do not receive some crazy puzzle.


As usually, you wish to have a decent warranty that will cover both frame and parts.

Advantages of Rowers

Rowing is a great cardiovascular exercise, as well as a workout to strengthen major muscle groups. It is a low-impact exercise, which can be high challenging, burning calories and toning the body.
Just like with any other fitness activity, it is inevitable to exercise using proper techniques. The most action of the full workout should be in big leg muscles. Bending way too far forward can harm the lower back. It’s perfect to maintain an upright 90-degree angle to the slider bar and seat. Using the legs to make the motion rather than heavily relying on the arms or back can help you to reduce the chance of any muscle pulls or related injuries.

Top Rowing Machines Using Rower

Health professionals together with fitness experts agree that rowers provide the top workouts ever possible. Exercising on a rowing machine allows you to train the majority of muscle groups and give them the challenging and hard workout you wish. Besides, opting for better models of rowing machines you’ll have an opportunity to track your success and check how splits are improving.
Starting the search of a rower, you’re likely to appear at a loss, as there is a multitude of the most diverse rowing machines varying in features and price. Though, even if you are lost in your hunt for a rowing machine, we hope the given review helped you see the wonderful world of rowers a bit more clearly.
All in all, the vital thing is to sit on a rowing machine and start rowing. The best rower is definitely the one that suits the budget and fits the body. Your muscles, heart and mind will appreciate this.