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Concept 2 Rower For Sale – Buying Guide

This device has everything you need for effective and smooth total body workouts, regardless if you’re only a newcomer or an experienced gym visitor who wants to find a perfect rowing machine for his/her home use. First, pay attention to its flywheel design that guarantees a very quiet row, and its frame is created in the way that makes it quite easy to separate this machine into 2 pieces for their convenient storage. This style can fit any home environment and allows users to choose from many powerful workout programs. It has an ergonomic design that ensures increased comfort, while the overall structure is created to promote your natural hand and arm positions while rowing.

Nowadays, this incredible rowing machine is popular for its solid construction and durability. It’s also built to last for a long time, so it can be your wise fitness investment. Once you start using it, you will understand why it’s used all over the world thanks to its ergonomic and rugged design. Keep in mind that this device also features a special nickel-plated chain and 14-inch seat, which makes it perfect for toning and intense cardio workout sessions. The construction of Concept 2 rower is focused on enhanced force distribution among different muscle groups, and its mechanics can deliver well-coordinated and more balanced workouts.

Besides, it has a special hi-tech performance monitor that will keep you updated with the necessary information about your important training goals on a regular basis. If you want to take your body conditioning and workouts to the next level, this rowing machine has everything you need.

There are many athletes who agree that indoor rowing is quite an efficient low-impact and full-body workout. Take a look at the most significant characteristics of Concept2 Model D:

  • Flywheel design that maximizes a smooth feel while minimizing unwanted noise
  • Performance monitor that provides users with comparable and accurate information for all rows
  • Adjustable monitor arms
  • It’s easy to separate for further storage
  • Caster wheels that make this machine mobile and more convenient to use
  • 5-year frame warranty
  • Adjustable footrests and ergonomic handling
  • Its nickel-plated chain and 14-inch seat height

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What Users Like the Most about Concept 2 Rowing Machine

Its dependable design and performance. It’s quite a satisfying and well-balanced training machine that comes with almost all necessary features for athletes who want to train at home. That’s because it has a solid skeleton that can handle any of your demanding workouts while providing you with the most powerful performance. The best thing is that Model D is compact in size and design so that it can be a perfect part of your home environment.

PM5 monitor. It’s one of those incredible elements that are simple and make any training a better experience for users. It has a special pulse meter that can show your SPM, hear rating, distance and calories burned. You only need to hit the Just Row button to get started.

Don’t forget that it’s one of the most reasonably-priced rowing machines available in the modern market, and this means that it’s neither too expensive nor too cheap. You will get the best value for the money you pay while not spending a fortune on your home exercise machinery. Concept 2 rower is one of the most reliable and contemporary home workout equipment pieces out there, and it has only a few rivals that offer the same quality, performance and reliability.

It’s also designed the way that ensures safe and natural workout that won’t result in unwanted injuries or overstrain your muscles. The construction of this rower promotes natural movements to train all muscle groups equally and offers intense workout sessions to sports enthusiasts.

As other models of the same brand, this machine is perfect for strength and cardio training because it combines both durability and high level of comfort in one package. Focus on its spiral damper and flywheel because they allow users to adjust resistance and level of tension with ease and at any stage of workout sessions. Its seat movements are smooth and don’t produce any unwanted noise.

In addition, if you prefer to have more control over your training, Concept 2 Model D has a special monitor that will suit your needs. It’s simple to use and will keep you updated with important data, such as distance covered, heart rate, calories burned and others, thus, making your workouts more fun while letting you monitor the whole progress with accurate and real-time information. You can also navigate to find deals on concept 2 rower for sale and maybe you will be the lucky one to get an exclusive price.

That’s why this rowing machine for home use is one of the most workout equipment units that you can find both in online and offline shops.

Are you looking for a solid and reliable rower? Choose this one because it will provide you with intense training while not taking too much of your home space. It will make your rowing more enjoyable and effective! Do you want to get started rowing today? Check out our specialized offers on concept 2 rower for sale today!


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