Concept 2 Model E
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Indoor Rowing Machine the Concept2 Model E with PM5 Monitor is a brilliant bit of machinery that is developed to deliver the whole body workout for people of all ages and fitness levels. The flywheel configuration boosts smooth operation of every stroke and minimizes produced noise. The rowing machine is ultimately portable, separating into two sections for storage and having casters for versatility. The PM5 Performance Monitor within the rower gives a huge number of choices including pre-stacked workouts, games and a chance to transfer the information to PCs and online applications. Fast version of the review? The Model E serves one of the leading rowing machines you can purchase, apart from the Concept2 Model D.

The Indoor Rower Model E is designed by Concept2, a reputable company situated in Vermont that has got the popularity of main manufacturer in wellness business since 1976. Besides, they are known for creating quality items and have regularly been seen as the gold standard for different producers to take after. You’re in great hands with these folks.

Cheapest Deal on Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5



  • PM5 Performance Monitor features a longer arm, which keeps everything within reach and can remotely monitor the heart rate.
  • Damper and Flywheel, which minimizes noise and provides brisk wind stream adjustment to the flywheel.
  • Seat height equal to 20 inches guarantees ease and comfort while getting on and off an item.
  • System of quick-release framelock provides easy separation of the machine into two pieces for convenient stockpiling.
  • Encased chain housing and nickel plated chain, which keep the component clean and decrease the need for upkeep.
  • Ergonomic handles and flexible footrest allow rowing in a characteristic arm, hand and foot position.
  • Aluminum monorail equipped with stainless-steel track for gliding, smooth seat movement.
  • Caster wheels add to complete mobility of the rower, so you can move it from one room to another.
  • Maximal User Weight reaches 500 lbs.

Computer Peculiarities:

  • Ultimate variety of elements, for example, games, preset workouts and numerous languages.
  • See pace boat, large print, force curve, bar chart or all the information.
  • Store workout information as well as transfer it to your PC using a USB Flash Drive (that is included).
  • Utilizing Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ with sophisticated heart rate monitor (with Garmin chest strap included in the pack).
  • Supports racing from machine to machine, as well as connectivity to smartphone and PCs.  

Workout information includes:

  • Calories burnt;
  • Distance;
  • Pace;
  • Speed;
  • Watts.


Concept 2 model E presupposes a two-year warranty on the Performance Monitor as well as moving parts and a five-year restricted warranty on the frame. Besides, it features a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The manual for the assembly includes visual depiction of each step and is available in various languages. The whole process is quite simple, and the machine can be assembled within 15-45 minutes.

What We Appreciate About the Indoor Rower Concept2 Model E:

The Model E is an incredible rower particularly created for in-home training that will hit the vast majority of muscle groups and keep you winded but prepared for more. The reputation of Concept2 guarantees it is an incredibly designed, durable item that is offered with a decent warranty. Additionally, it contains a lot of features, which allow you to adjust your workouts and follow your progress. The rower is created with the customer in mind, simple set up and use.  

Computer Peculiarities

The PM5 Performance Monitor can offer a considerable number of awesome features. First of all, it remotely gets data for the heart rate monitor included, so you can maximize the training by working in your ultimate heart rate zone. In addition to all the usual displays, the computer contains games, for example, the ones that give you an opportunity to compete with other rowers. Moreover, you can compete against your own past workouts as an inspiration to keep on improving your individual performance. Besides, the PM5 includes a memory card, which allows you to save and transfer your workout information to a PC with further uploading data or connecting to online applications.

Simple to Use from the Beginning to End

Despite the Concept2 Model E can look complicated at first, it is very simple to utilize. Beginning with assembly, it’s completely amazing that a few commentators said that the whole process of assembling both boxes took just around 15 minutes. The 20-inch seat height provides users with an opportunity to get on and off the machine comfortably and gives an exceptionally natural rowing movement. The majority of computer peculiarities are rather simple to use too, even without learning the manual. With the ultimate Model E, you’ll have an exclusive opportunity to get your rowing machine set up rapidly, and you’ll start your workout in a matter of minutes.

Well-Built and Reputable

Concept2 has been considered a top manufacturer in the wellness business for several years. The Indoor Rower Model E was initially created for business use for the military or gyms. Currently, adjusted for home use, the rowing machine is still produced from strong and durable materials.

Final Verdict about Concept 2 Model E

Costing approximately $1,100, the Indoor Rower Concept2 Model E is an awesome purchase. The business level construction guarantees a quality item for your in-home trainings. The computer has unmatchable features and provides various motivational settings to help you with workouts advancing. For the money, you are buying a quality, durable item with many astounding features. Definitely recommended!

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