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No doubt, the Concept 2 rowers have been always approved as the leading machines, though the production of the Sole SR500 Rower changed the point. First released in 2014, the machine looks impressive in every separate detail.

The price of the new model remains approximately the same as the cost of Concept 2 rowers, while the item is designed for serious rowers since it is a rather big machine. An exceptionally well-made rower offers its users a truly effective workout with the whole body engaged.

There are numerous reasons to consider purchasing the Sole SR500 Rowing Machine:

  • It is a rather well-made rower which will serve you for many years without any problems. A solid aluminum rail can handle users of all heights up to 515 lbs. A durable belt drive built in the rower requires no maintenance. Additionally, the belt drive system employs a combination of magnetic and air resistance that ensures a smooth and quiet workout. Besides, the machine provides an ultimately realistic rowing sensation.
  • Regarding the actual workout, you are sure to get effective training with this machine since it will help you work with all the main muscle groups, including your arms, back, legs and abs. You should also find that 10 pre-set workout programs and 16 resistance levels will provide you with all the necessary workout options.
  • Additionally, the seat is rather high off the ground, which means it is easy to get on and off. The feature is beneficial in case you have any kind with mobility problems.
  • The last, but not the least peculiarity of the Sole SR500 worth mentioning is that it is extremely easy to assemble. A great number of users reported that it took up to 30 minutes to make the rower work. A 3-year warranty on electronics and separate parts, as well as lifetime warranty on the frame serve a great addition to the advantageous machine.  

Once you are in search of a high performance rower for you and your family, then the Sole SR500 Rowing Machine is undoubtedly worth consideration, since as it has been mentioned, the item provides you with an impressive full-body workout. 16 resistance levels will challenge users of all fitness levels, while 10 workout programs will give you goals to aim at during the workouts.

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