If you are planning on purchasing a rowing machine, you may know all of its advantages and why it is great for you. This piece of workout equipment has remained popular for years, despite the faсt that new modern workout machines appear on the market all the time. Over the years rowing machines have undergone certain improvements, and now you can enjoy purchasing a really powerful and comfortable equipment to train certain parts of your body. If you have ever noticed the great bodies of Olympic rowers, you should know that they were able to reach such great results partially thanks to the regular use of a rowing machine.

Low Risk of Injury

If you want to train your body, you definitely want it to be smoothly and safely. A rowing machine is a great option for those who even have an issue with joints. Some exercises are able to damage bones and cartilage or cause a strain. If you use a rowing machine, you will not experience any stress or strain in your body, but you will be able to enjoy a great and effective workout. Such a piece of fitness equipment is suitable for elderly people who wish to maintain a great physical shape and improve their cardiovascular system without any risk of damaging their joints.

The only serious issue that you may experience during rowing is back strain, but you will encounter such a situation only if you fail to follow the instructions on how to use this machine. All you need to do is avoid putting all the endurance on your back but intensively use your legs instead.  

Powerful Aerobic Workout

Aerobic exercises are great for improving your health and remaining fit. You need such training to burn calories as well as to improve your cardiovascular system. When exercising, you will have to keep your breathing at a steady pace. Many parts and systems of your body, including your respiratory system, heart and muscles, will all be synchronized with each other, which will allow you to achieve the best results from your training.

You can find models that are equipped with certain devices that allow you to monitor your heart rate through the LCD performance monitor. Those models are usually more expensive, but being able to control your heart rate is great because you can target the needed heart rate.

Weight Loss and Burning Calories

Your body will work hard, which will allow you to burn calories. Your legs and arms will do extra movements, and other parts of your body will also be engaged in the working process. As a result, you can burn more calories than if you use a bike for your training. You can burn up to 600 calories in one hour if you work intensively. Keeping this in mind, you can calculate how much weight you can lose if you continue training on your rowing machine regularly.

Working on Muscles Located in the Upper Body

You should expect to train your muscles located in the upper body. Especially, you will feel the effect from the training in your back and your shoulders. The other parts of your body that you can train on your rowing machine are abs and biceps, though they will not have that much endurance as your shoulders and back. If you really want to build muscles in these areas, you should consider weight lifting. Anyway, using a rowing machine will help you tone these muscles and make them more notable.

Working on Muscles Located in the Lower Body

You will definitely feel and see the effect of your regular training in your lower body. This is one of the reasons why a rowing machine is so popular among athletes. As you push off with your legs, you will feel the power of muscles in your backside, quads and calves.

Knowing all of the great benefits that you can enjoy after using a rowing machine for regular training may make you want to begin exercising immediately. You should also carefully read the information on how to purchase a perfect rowing machine, so that it could suit all of your requirements and needs.

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